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In 2019, our journey began with aHnonymous, an online advocacy and sexual health programming portal for adolescents.  We however recognized the need to reach out to adolescents and young children without access to technology and online services, and we set out to create physical safe spaces for these children. Today, our first center is near completion in Boadi, Kumasi, and we aim to scale this across all 16 regions in Ghana, and across West Africa.


Our vision is to see every young Ghanaian empowered to take responsibility for their sexual health choices and express their identities.
We envision a new culture of safety, self-acceptance, sexual identity and community for all young children across the world. 

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Our mission is to create a physical safe space where adolescents are comfortable expressing themselves in seeking relevant sexual health information. This space will incorporate: 

1. A community library serving as an educational resource center.

2. Delivery of a sexual health curriculum.

3. Vocational/Tech skills training.


Vision and Mission: Text
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