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Holding Hands

Provided sexual health education to over 500 young Ghanaians in just over a year

Tested over 500 people for HIV/AIDS and STIs

Delivered over 2000 sexual health materials including educational leaflets



In March 2021, we started a pilot of our project model with a cohort of 11 children who are currently undergoing monitored co-curricular sexual health training and skills training. We have provided a space for them to have community, form peer networks, share ideas and build trust with our certified youth trainers. Through this pilot, we aim to identify explicitly the peculiar sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents enrolled in the pilot and provide differentiated and individualized training/coaching to address those needs. This is being done in collaboration with our partners. For more information about this, please email us at

Goals for Future Impact

100% improved uptake of safe sex practices

75% reduction in unintended pregnancies

Improved adolescent wellness and skills acquisition